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*Terms and conditions noted on this site are subject to lender approval and may vary based on each borrowers individual qualifications.  


Permanent Loans, better known as bank loans, conventional loans, or commercial loans, can be very attractive for real estate projects, mainly due to a much lower rate environment and typically lower closing costs & origination fees.  Permanent Loans typically have a maturity period of 3 to 30 years and in some cases can be fully fixed for up to 15 years.  Permanent Loans are best suited for A Credit borrowers looking to Purchase or Refinance Owner Occupied or Non-Special Purpose Commercial & Investment Properties.  Borrowers must meet standard bank debt service ratios, collateral coverage, credit worthiness, capital requirements & positive debt management characteristics.

key Features

  • Most Property Types Eligible

  • Prime & Libor Based Rate Options

  • Loan Sizes Up to $10,000,000

  • Fixed Rate & Term Up to 15 Years

  • Up to 80% Financing

  • Debt Service of 1.2x or Greater

  • Full Doc Underwriting

  • 45-90 Day Close