bridge loans

Our bridge loan programs are a great fit for transitional properties that are being acquired with intent to rehab and sell within 12-36 months.  Bridge loans can also help if you're in need of a temporary solution to cover construction costs or a loan maturity on an existing asset with intent to refinance or sell prior to note expiration.  Bridge loans allow you to meet timing deadlines by offering you funds quickly using a much more flexible underwriting process.  Business owners and investors turn to bridge loans when they are waiting for long-term financing or need efficient financing to purchase a property or cover rehab costs to make an asset marketable.

key features

  • All Property Types Eligible

  • 12-36 Month Terms

  • Interest Only Payments

  • Up to 75% Financing

  • Loan Sizes Up to $20,000,000

  • No Minimum FICO

  • No prepay penalty 

  • Nonrecourse available

  • 7-10 day close