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Construction Cranes

bridge loans

Our bridge loan programs are a great fit for transitional properties that are being acquired with intent to rehab and sell or rent upon project completion.  LVL's bridge loans can also be valuable if you're in need of a temporary solution to cover construction costs, loan maturities, a swift acquisition or a bank bailout.  Our program allows you to meet extraordinary timing deadlines with the ability to fund deals in as little as 5-7 days.  Our customers turn to bridge loans when they in need of efficient short term financing options with the intent to sell the asset or refinance prior to loan maturity.  Get your free no hassle quote by clicking the button below.

key features

  • All Property Types Eligible

  • 6-36 Month Terms

  • Interest Only Payments

  • Up to 75% Financing

  • Loans from $250k-$15M+

  • No Minimum FICO

  • No prepay penalty 

  • Nonrecourse available

  • 5-7 day close

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